VB6 Line Numbering Build Tool

If you’ve ever had to do any VB6 programming, you know one (of many) shortcomings is VB6’s pitiful error handling support. The problem is that you want to know what line number an error occurred on, but the ERL function only gives you that information if you have line numbers on your entire project, and nobody wants to work with a project full of line numbers.

There are tools like MZ-Tools that allow you to add and remove line numbers with a couple of mouse clicks, but that’s not ideal. What you really want is the ability to add line numbers as an automated step during the build process. Thankfully someone went and created such a tool (written in VB6 with the source code provided). Unfortunately I’ve lost the original location that I downloaded it from, and the original author. Until I can find that page, here is a zipped up copy of that tool:

Tools_ZIP Code_csLineNumber

It provides both a GUI and command line interface. It also has instructions on how to integrate it into the Windows shell so you can just right click on the .vbp file and run the tool. Note that on Windows 7 you likely have to run it as an Administrator.

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